Got Backup Review Stats Reveal All You Need for Successful Affiliates

Got Backup Review

It isn’t enough to be just another product or service launch promising endless commissions and unbelievable earnings per click. You’re no fool, and know that these promises only “pan out” for the affiliate marketers with the money for major advertising or highly responsive lists.

That’s where Got Backup is different and this Got Backup Review is an update to let you know how and why you should leverage this public launch as an affiliate…

You can see my earlier Got Backup review here

There is really not much to explain about the Got Backup product, because it is an exceptional service. Nonetheless, here’s the nuts and bolts…

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What is Got Backup?

GotBackup is a cloud based data backup service for all of your computing devices. This includes:

  1. Desktop computers; both PC and Mac
  2. Tablet devices like iPads, Amazon Fire and just about any other tablet
  3. Mobile phones; both android and iPhone

Advantages of Got Backup Cloud-Based Data Protection

Anyone who knows how to use a computer and has been doing so for more than just a short time will tell you that you will experience crashes and data losses.

Got Backup provides an UNLIMITED solution, at an incredibly low price that can’t be beat. As a product/service this cloud-based data protection:

  1. Unlimited Data Backup. No restrictions
  2. It is dead stupid simple
  3. It is truly top level secure
  4. It is truly hands off after you take 5 or 10 minutes to install it

Why Sell Got Backup as a Reseller?

Let’s be honest, since it is not a high price service there may not seem to be much of a reason to be a reseller for the Got Backup service.

So it’s important you realize this…

Got Backup first launched its Beta launch in January 2015. Since that time, the product has shown a 92% customer retention rate.

Why is this important? Because most internet launches of membership sites have a yearly retention rate of less than 15%!

This is particularly “deadly” to affiliate marketers trying to build a multilevel marketing business. On a low budget, and without a lead generating machine and incredible amount of time, MLM organizations tend to evaporate.

Have you experienced this MLM evaporation yourself?

That’s why the GotBackup product is very, very different for new and existing affiliate marketers, resellers, and multilevel marketers. The annual retention rate has already proven that 9 out 10 continue using the product pretty much endlessly.

What it Costs to Be a Got Backup Reseller?

So anyone who knows me, knows I won’t hide the costs.

This Got Backup review is no different. Here’s what you must do to be a reseller and get 100% commissions…

  1. Get the Got Backup product for $7.99 per month
  2. Sign up for as reseller. The monthly reseller fee is $19.99 per month. This means you pay for your service and you pay your reseller fee.
  3. The total cost for you as a reseller is essentially $27.00 (I like round figures)

What is the Got Backup Commission Plan?

Well, you may be thinking the price point is low you can’t really make much money, so how do I make any money?

First, compared to others, the most you can make as a reseller or partner is about 25%. Most are 10 to 15%. Now that is low.

GotBackup reseller details with 100% commissions is here.

It is 100% on the initial sale for unlimited width. Then you get 50% on the recurring months, plus 50% of any sales resellers under you make, for unlimited depth.

Most important here is, this opportunity IS NOT DEPENDANT on you endlessly recruiting new sales team members. In fact, you should be focused on product sales, and finding 3 or 4 good people who can also make product sales. This enables you to create a very strong passive and active income without constantly having to recruit.

The income opportunity is excellent because of the 92% retention rate, and in some countries this income would be considered out of this world.

What You Should Do Next?

If you know this is for you, you can click here and start for $1

If you like to know more details and get questions answered directly from the owner, then I invite you to attend this Public Pre-launch Webinar by clicking here.

If you want affiliate marketing or MLM, there is no easier place to start because the product has high world demand, high product and reseller retention, and can be sold simply by engaging a friend or acquaintance in conversation.

This is a rare product where the potential customer base is so large, it’s almost impossible to imagine – the estimate is between 1.1 billion to over 2 billion home computer/computer device users. This does not include mobile devices!

Because of its payment structure, you can easily create a dream lifestyle income from home or, if you are a business, add this to your product offerings at your store and create a powerful new product line that pays you more than anything you currently offer (in most cases).

Get Your Seat for the Resellers Pre-Launch Webinar

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