Video Motion Pro Review: Are They Telling You the Truth?

Have you ever purchased a product only to realize it doesn’t do exactly what you wanted it to, or even close?  then you must watch this Video Motion Pro Review.  Watch on Youtube if you Prefer.

I know you’ve heard about Video Motion Pro, right?
(it’s currently the hottest selling video software online)

Sadly, 99% of affiliates are telling you this software as a “Camtasia killer” or perhaps ‘the best video course creator ever’…

And they never actually tested it themselves.

But as a video course creators and video creator for my clients, with 500 plus videos under my belt stretching back 9+ years, I found that it’s NOT a ‘Camtasia Killer’

And the truth here is I have a clear obligation to let you in on the unbiased truth and my thoughts.

I seriously don’t know how anyone is remotely comfortable telling you this was a “Camtasia killer”, and I certainly don’t buy into the hype only to realize that it doesn’t do exactly what you wanted it to do.

However I DO feel comfortable telling you about it because this software (even with some noticeable limitations) is IMPRESSIVE and POWERFUL when it comes to rebranding existing videos or private label rights videos or creating YouTube ready sales videos that can get you a lot more subscribers.

I didn’t cover the rebranding positives in the video.  And also I found that the program should be upgraded with some other features to make it more viable by 1 May.  At that point, you should be able to create a quality course or screen capture.

To see EXACTLY what I liked and what I didn’t (after testing this software for several days now), click here.

My Warmest Regards


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